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A Brother’s Cry

There are a lot of things that we should be thankful for. From the moment we open our eyes and realize God has blessed us with another day to live and enjoy His creations until we close them trusting that we still have tomorrow to enjoy.
But some things go unnoticed. Little things that God has blessed us with without us asking for it. Truly, He is faithful - the air that we breathe, the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the rain and even for our senses that made us all feel and cherish these things.
You see, God has been faithful to you and me. And this is why life is worth celebrating!
There is not a thing that God couldn’t handle. Some people worry too much on how they could go through this life perfectly. Sometimes, we tend to forget how to be grateful to the point of being too self-important. We want life to go our way not realizing the blessings that we have received that others are longing to have - good health.
Just think of those people who are suffering- those who are in pain, those who have to undergo series of therapies just to get back in shape, those who are having a hard time breathing, those who are making hospitals their new home, those who are spending a lot for medication, those who are staying on their bed almost half of their entire lives. Realize how blessed you are because you’re not one of them. But will this end here? How about them?
You are blessed with a purpose. Make these people feel that they are not alone in this battle! Make them feel that they are blessed, too! They are loved and important, too! These people are no different. They deserve the best! They deserve to be loved and cared for. YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING! Help these people out in your own simple ways!
I’m writing this for a reason. I’ve just read something that moved me in an extraordinary way. One of my workmates made up a facebook page that called my heart to respond. He has a sister who is battling against cancer. An illness that could wreck a person’s precious life.
She has undergone series of therapies already and she’s also taking medications. It’s painful to see how much suffering she has to bear every time she has to undergo treatment. But looking at her in her pictures smiling despite the pain, it gives us HOPE.


We can help her by praying for her and for her family. Let us claim a complete healing for her. :)

You could also help by donating an amount to aid her in the therapies that she still has to undergo. You can visit the said page here:


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Where God guides, He provides.
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